Friday, April 22, 2011

WOW! What A Week!!!

THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY!  Can I get a witness?

Sorry I have not been on in a while! My life seems a bit crazy right now, but I believe GOD sends us through a storm at time to remind us this life is not easy but somehow somewhere Sunshine and roses always appear...

My kids make me crazy, but I love them so much! Why is it that when are kids are hurt emotionally we turn into bulldogs? Sometimes other kids can be so hurtful but when an adult hurts my kids feeling I want to rip their heads off! lol Well I guess you can see where my week ended! Things are fine now but someone out there has my teeth marks on their butt where I chewed for a while!  lol Yes I did ask GOD to give me strength and guidance! That is why I remained calm! ANY how life goes on . and GOD is GOOD all the TIME!

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