Saturday, April 30, 2011

ONLINE Shopping ! Make money back on your purchases!!! LOVE IT!

I love looking on line for fun gifts. I guess you could say I am an online shopping addict!

My latest find is Rue La La , click here and sign up! Its FREE and Fun. It has a little bit of everything and sometimes they have awesome little sales!

Another awesome one is Ebates click here to sign up! What I love about this one is you get money back when you click on the stores you like and when you make a purchase they add money back to your Ebates account it depends on what  you buy but those nickels and dimes add up..

For instance I buy a lot through Ebay and Avon.. When I win an auction through Ebay or purchase It gives me money back that goes into my Ebates account. When it adds up you can request a check.. Another one I love to do is I buy from AVON online. I buy from a friends website. When I make a purchase from her site I not only help  her but I  make money back too! On my own purchase!!! Way too FUN!

Make sure before you go to make a purchase go to Ebates (after you register) before you go to a store and shop so you will get your credit, click on the store you want to shop !! There are a lot! Then in a couple days they will add a percentage of your purchase back to your account!!

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