Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coupon Newbie lol!

I have recently become addicted to the new show Extreme Couponing!  Where simple peeps save money by using coupons!!! WOW!! like the other nite 's episode they spend like 300 dollars and after coupons it cost them like 13.dollars. Super WOW!

Ok so the other day with coupons in hand and my sales add from other store and my 16 yr old son in tow...I set out for the adventure.... I WAS GOING SAVE MONEY!!! for example
This newbie had a coupon for .75 for birds eye frozen vegi's but I had to buy three... They were priced over a dollar each BUT big BUT I price match them from the other local store at .78. SO ( drum roll please) I paid .78 cents each for two and received the third for .03 cents!!!! ( applause) thank you very much!

If you knew me I am not real good with money or numbers (actually I hate number, think about it numbers hurt sometimes. example our age, total amount of bill's, etc)...

My son fussed at me for holding up the line price comparing and using my coupon's not to mention the lil old lady who checked me out complained I was making her work to hard just to save ME money!! HOw dare I do that to her!!! Not to mention taking money from Sam Walton family (WAL MART)! I took $4.60 from the walton's! MY son complained saying "MOM you did all that just to save $4.00? " Well to my favorite 1st born child!!! That $4.00 is the one gallon of milk you yourself drink each week or The gallon of gas you need in your vehicle !!!

Again I am a coupon newbie! If you have in Awesome things to contribute to help me and other's survive in this sucky economy plz pass them on here!!!

This is the link wher you can watch EXTREME COUPONING clips!!!!

Blessing's to all for a super weekend!!!

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