Friday, April 22, 2011

Coupon Queen!

Most of you have heard of the new reality show EXTEME COUPONING where average americans buy thousands of dollars worth of groceries and they pay $5.00 ( a scenario)...
Extreme Couponing: TLC

Ok this chick has decided Im tired of paying out the waaazoooo for groceries!
Last week I was mad because I went to Walmart bought a bunch of stuff they applied my 7 dollars worth of coupons and all I saved was the tax my fine state tacks on to the end!!!! Thank you my dear GOVENOR!

my next stop was WALGREENs . Honestly I thought they were too expensive and why would anyone want to shop there!!! Well honey it's the best kept secret..... Walgreens has weekly adds and their own coupons you can use a manufacture coupon with these too!
FOR EXAMPLE! Walgreens had a coupon for .79 cents on Campbells Soup.... ok  here we go I was limited to buy four with that one coupon I added a manufacture coupon save a $1.00 When you buy four!!! hold your horses I paid .54 cents a can ..... the cans of same soup at walgreens are normally $1.58 they are $1.39 at walmart..... CHAAAAA CHING!!!!

I found a amazing website that teaches you how to get the best bargins at Walgreens!
hit the link below
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