Friday, June 24, 2011

Early Bird Get's The Coupons!

I don't know what it is, BUT for some reason my eyes will open early on Sunday morning! I guess my brain knows it's coupon day and I have to get my papers asap! Lately as I drag myself in my jammies to the local mini mart, I notice that the papers are nearly gone and/or someone has stolen MY inserts out of my paper! How dare them!!! Also there is a sign that reads : "DO NOT TAKE MORE PAPERS THAN you purchase" It is really sad that people put their dollar in and take 2 or more papers! OK PEEPS that is called stealing! So stop it if you are doing!
Steps on how you should get your papers"

Step 1: Deposit YOUR money.

Step 2: Open door.

Step 3: Remove only 1 paper!!!!

Step 4: Shut the door!!!

Now if you want another paper repeat the above steps till desired amount of papers are achieved

I know I may be stepping on toes, but look the peeps who put those papers in those boxes have to pay for them. Please don't steal from those who trying to make a living too!

Now I will get off my soap box.... Lately instead of sitting for Hours and cutting my coupons. I have found this amazing little Christian based site that cuts coupons sells them for very cheap! So if I need 10 coupons of colgate toothpaste I just go there purchase them and voila! They mail them to me... Now you may think pay money for coupons, really. I am finding my time is more precious and I have been spending way tooooo much time cutting coupons and placing them in my binder. I buy three papers and get three coupons alike.. WeLL if I want 20 of one coupon I can purchase sometimes for less. They are already cut. LOVING IT!!!!

Check them out! It's awesome!

My recent purchase $4.00 off Gillette Fusion Pro Glide coupons. From The Coupon Clippers
Those pricey Pro fusion razors that are $9.99. I use a $4.00 Coupon. Walgreens gives me $5.00 back in rewards! CHA CHING .99 cent razor! THEY PAID me to take their razor!!!! Used that $5.00 reward on my next purchase! woo hooo!

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