Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saying Goodbye is so Hard!

My life has been so busy! Being a full time working mom, a wife and a coach/2nd mom to 12 high school dancers. Recently my life has taken some twist and turns, but I believe GOD puts things in our life to remind us he is still in control of everything in our lives!

August my family lost something very precious to us.. My 27 yr old nephew passed away unexpectedly. Chance Had a beautiful soul! He loved his family and his children. Heaven gained so much, but it's gain has left us sad and missing him each day!
This is not one of my favorite photo's of him cause he looks like some fugitive off TV. He really was a handsome young man.. He could sport any hair cut or long hair and still be so handsome.. his baby pics are really cute

See he really was a cute baby!!! this is one of my Favorite photo's!

Chance's life was up and down! He had an addiction that over came him. He knew that GOD was his security but he could not shed the hold that had a grip on him! Below is a link that describes how a person who becomes addicted to something eventually takes over his or her life! My family believes if one person can be saved or break the grips of their own addiction this is why Chance left us at such a young age was to help others.

you will have to copy and paste into your browser for some reason I could not get to link. sorry! It's worth reading!

My prayer that no other family has to endure the heartache that my family has.. My sister (Chance's Mom) is the strongest woman I know, but losing your baby has really test her faith and strength!! My heart breaks I can't imagine hers! LUVS to my SISSY!

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