Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walgreens Haul 5/29/11

Ok so my couponing is becoming a bit out of hand! I try so hard to see how much I can get for next to nothing... My friend was giving me a hard time because I have been to Walgreens twice this week, BUT I have gotten over $200 worth of stuff ( that my family needs) for around $63.00. INSANE huh?

I know I am not your extreme coupon diva like on TLC, but hey I was once a mom who just dreaded going to the store to buy what my family needed (food is a big deal around here).

So my above purchase without coupons or register rewards from Walgreens would have been $64.00 ( tax not included, because tax in Arkansas is high and really makes me angry). My grand total for all the above items was $16.68. I know sounds crazy but so true!!

Domino sugar on sale $2.19 each I had two 40 cent coupons

Poise pads were $5.99 I had $1 off Wags coupon and $1 off Manufacture Coupon

2 Dry Idea
2 Right Guard ALL FREE! Walgreens was running a buy one get one free
on these deo s and I had two B1G1 free coupons so CHA CHING they are mine for nothing! They rang up that way! My fav cashier had two put back for me before I got there ( she love's me) and told me of the amazing deal!

4 bottles of AXE body Wash and one deo (my son's FAV) 1 deo was 4.49.$5.49 for each wash , BUT I had buy 1 get 1 free coupons . I was only charged for the deo and 1 wash . Cha ching $9.98.. My friend has all girls, she gave me her buy three AXE walgreen coupon which printed me out a $3.00 Register Reward. These four babies cost me $.6.98. Not to mention each bottle of wash came with a trial size bottle of wash on back.

4 pkgs Oscar meyer wienners
which I had a rain check on cause last week they were by one at $2.99 get one free, of course I had coupons which brought them down to .99 each .

2 pkgs of Oscar meyer deli meats
in store sale price 2/5.00 plus I had a $1 off coupon.

When I used all my coupons and my $3.RR from my AXE transaction plus I had two $3 RR from FRIDAY. brought this transaction down to $6.98 .. INSANE!! Just this transaction should have been way over $43.00.

If you are not doing this, you need to start! My grocery bill is shrinking and we are getting to buy name brand items not generic! And I am spending my money elsewhere NOT WALMART! I get so tired of giving them my money! MY HUBBY is SMILING because I am saving him money. AND he gets to Fish more, too!

BEFORE I Coupon Shopped!

AFTER I started Coupon Shopping!

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